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Fotoperiodista hondureño será galardonado en New Orleans, EEUU

La organización Online News Association (ONA), otorgará el 14 de septiembre el premio «James Foley 2019» al fotoperiodista y escritor hondureño Tomás Ayuso.


Ayuso fue escogido por su excepcional reportaje en la cobertura de los conflictos en América Latina relacionados a la guerra del narcotráfico, los desplazamientos forzados y el desposeimiento urbano. Y será durante la ceremonia de los Online Journalism Awards 2019 que se le entrega la presea, indicó la ONA.

La noticia que trascendió ya en sitios como el Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, destaca el trabajo impecable que realiza el compatriota en coberturas de importancia mundial. «La organización destacó su proyecto “The Right to Grow Old” (El derecho a envejecer) en el cual Ayuso -quien nació en Tegucigalpa – sigue a migrantes hondureños desde que abandonan sus hogares hasta que se convierten en desplazados en México» resume el Knight Center en la entrevista que le realizó al talento Catracho.

Un orgullo hondureño que el próximo 14 de septiembre será condecorado en New Orleans, Estados Unidos y cuyos trabajos publicados en la National Geographic, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Vice News o Danmarks Radio, hablan por sí solos.

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She poured over her asylum paperwork. Exasperated and concentrated. The rain didn’t make things easier. The gusty wind carried stinging dust into her eyes and turned her pages, but still she continued. She documented every instance of violence and abuse she and her children faced that triggered her exodus. It was a laborious process with attorneys involved, it was that much more for a mother without legal knowledge on the intricacies of asylum law, all the while sitting in a tent on an empty stomach making sure her children were cared for. But yet she did, as many displaced Hondurans do: Prove their pain in fine print. . . As of today the situation of thosendisplaced is as follows: thousands are stuck in a legal choke point in southern mexico. In Mexico City, a stadium is filled with thousands. Thankfully fed and provided for by local government while internet comments run wild with calls to violence. And in Tijuana the major shelter has been shutdown, dispersing them across the city. Many into neighborhoods hotly contested over by micro cartels eager. And in the US, the regime has unilaterally began sending asylum seekers to wait out their case in Mexico. Journalists have been harassed extra, and so, as of today, American lawyers in Mexico. Many of the people you’ve seen in my pictures haven’t checked their WhatsApp since late December meaning I don’t know where they are, and that pains me personally. . . But still displaced Hondurans press on against censorship, violence and top down bureaucratic xenophobia. For them hope is the kindling in their search of dignified life. The kind that Honduras has been and isn’t able to provide. #🇭🇳

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Ayuso es becario de Open Society FoundationsExplorador de National Geographic, Fotógrafo de World Press 6×6 Global Talent Program. Tiene una maestría en Conflicto & Desarrollo de la New School (Nueva York) y ha expuesto el sufrimiento de las minorías en la ruta migratoria; sus otros premios y condecoraciones puede verlas aquí. /R5


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