A Honduran dentist has earned the love of the people in Beijing.

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Paola Raquel Palacios Ramirez arrived in Beijing, China in 2017. «I emigrated due to lack of employment and opportunities,» she tells #Ruta5hn.

Without speaking the local language and starting from scratch, Paola began to write a new story in her life in one of the most populated cities in the world, where at least 21 million people live. With a lot of discipline, in less than two years the ‘Catracha’ has earned the love of the Chinese and today successfully exercises the profession she studied in Honduras: Dentistry.

«My job is to provide people with a better quality of life, I give them back joy and that personally fulfills my expectations as a professional» details our interviewee, originally from Tegucigalpa, who performs surgeries, extraction of dental pieces, routine check-ups until leaving the smile of a patient as new. ‘Heidelberg United Dental’ is the clinic where the Honduran attends dozens of Asians every day, those who now know Honduras through Paola (its tourism, its gastronomy, and the ability to undertake even far from her homeland; a virtue that Paola has put into practice).

Her  professionalism and good name has reached so many that in 2018 she was awarded at the spring festival popularly known as the ‘Chinese New Year’. Her work in the community is a constant source of admiration; «dreams are achievable and yes, there are spaces where we can grow and be» she stressed.

From Honduras, Paola misses  her family and food; «Many times it is not easy and I have had to face many fears: from not being able to communicate when buying food, or getting lost somewhere in the enormous Beijing; but I have become more resistant and I continue to learn to communicate in other ways».

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