Honduran scientist approaches the treatment for muscular dystrophy

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Muscular dystrophy – a genetic disorder of the muscles – could have its hours counted thanks to the recent discovery by Honduran scientist Mary Lorena Vallecillo Zúniga.

«My protein passed the test of effective treatment in mice for muscular dystrophy, I am happy!” Mary announced this Tuesday October 22 (2019) exclusively to our blog Ruta5.It’s a protein made by the Honduran so that it can be used as a treatment in people with the disease worldwide.

«This protein is designed to repair the cell membrane and better regenerate the muscles, which are the main problems in people suffering from muscle dystrophy,» explained Mary.

Currently one millions people worldwide suffer from this condition. In the US a 1/3,500 have the disease. But thanks to medical events like this, the risks of continuing to suffer from its symptoms could be reduced on a large scale; «We have successfully passed the first two steps and we are going to the last» underlined (the also speaker) Vallecillo Zuniga. The next step will be to evaluate this protein in humans, which, if it is achieved, would be getting closer to using this therapy in humans.

Mary Lorena currently resides in Utah, United States and is part of the Brigham Young University scientists plenary in that state./R5/

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