Honduran trumpeter conducts jazz orchestra in Argentina

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The next interviewee is a talented Honduran artist who has gained the love and admiration of the people in Argentina with his trumpet.

Originally from Tegucigalpa, Elmer Meza ventured into music thanks to his father Jose Antonio (director of the band ‘Superación San Francisco’ in Honduras) “I always accompanied my dad in band rehearsals and observed the way he worked musically with passion, this made me fall in love with music” said the interviewee to the Ruta5 Blog.

Before moving to South America and becoming Musical Director of his own orchestra, Elmer completed elementary school at the Children’s Music School and high school at the National School of Music in Honduras. Being the first of four brothers and the only boy, he felt that his mission went beyond being the oldest son or the second musician in the family. That was how one day he decided to leave the country, with the purpose of improving himself as an artist, without imagining that years later he would reside in the Argentine province of San Juan directing a musical project (Fractal Jazz) with which he has been notoriously known in many countries of the world.

Fractal Jazz integrates more than 20 musicians from all over Latin America (including Chile, Argentina, Honduras, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Costa Rica). Natacha Cruz says she is proud to represent «the work done by great Masters of the Trumpet» like the Honduran Meza and his colleagues. Behind all of them there is a story of overcoming and success.

«With Fractal it has been a process of four years of self-management and entrepreneurship» continues the Catracho musician, who managed to get one of his events (Jazz Day) to be declared of ‘Cultural Interest’ by the Chamber of Deputies of San Juan, Argentina.

«I always look for excellence in what I do, sometimes I’m demanding myself to reach for  more” emphasizes Elmer. Due to this characteristic, music has taken it to another level: the best venues in Latin America have opened their curtains to receive it and celebrate world-renowned events such as the «International Jazz Day» or the «Jazz Trumpet Festival» in São Paulo, Brazil . On May 29 (2020) he participated in the 1st Online Festival of Argentina (Jaazvedra of Buenos Aires), where the ovation of the Internet users was immediate.

Elmer is skilled in the Trumpet, although he confessed to us that he also knows «the basics» in piano. In addition to his father, his musical influences are: Louis Armstrong, Lee Morgan, Clifford Brown, Roy Hargrove, Wynton Marsalis and many more. «As a Honduran I am very proud of where I come from, I hope I am doing the right thing and showing the world all the music and talent from Honduras,» he adds. From his country, he confessed he misses  his family, his people, the evenings at his grandparents house, the “baleadas” and of course his musical friends.

“My childhood was great, at that time we lived in a house with a big garden where we had about five mango trees of different kinds, I played all day with my sister in a hammock … honestly those were beautiful years” he recalls nostalgic. Today, Elmer lives his days in quarantine like many of us on this planet, but he does it in his own way: creating music and enjoying every project that comes into his hands.

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