More than 5 companies in Honduras are ready to become franchisees

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Several of the next franchisors agree, they want to make their brand known by expanding it for all over the country, generating more jobs opportunities and stipulate their own sales logistics, including product manufacturing processes which are the main purpose of this program. 

Recently began of the “Franchising Honduras” economic reactivation program supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Cortés, CCIC, in alliance with and being supported by the Front Consulting International, whose lead this promiser project. 

Franchising Honduras, is a growing economic reactivation program in the country; which aims to help entrepreneurs to convert their already stablished businesses into Microfranchises; thus, generating more job opportunities for Hondurans. 

New and future franchisors agree that everyone really wants to make their brand known by expanding it for all over the country and thus generate more jobs opportunities. In addition, this one is looking those entrepreneurs improve their sales logistics, including the manufacturing processes; being these the main purpose of this program. 

A Micro franchise is a proven successful business model, which focuses on pursuing social goals, access to business opportunities highly practical, sustainable and adjusted to reality. 

It is important to mention that of 160 companies that applied on the Franchician website, 27 of them met some requirements and 5 of them managed to pass all the filters. The businesses to franchise are: Hush Natural, La Pikalita, Ice Kriskas, The Bra Guru and one of the leading cafes in the country. 

This is the first generation of the Program that already has success stories in other nations; “We are happy and grateful to the Chamber of Commerce and the managers for their trust in this great project; pioneer of many who will come to dignify businesses and elevate them to a micro franchise level”, said Daniel López – Franchise Manager. 

The Franchising Honduras team is composed by Daniel López Ynestroza who is the coordinator. In addition, he is joined by David Rivera Sikaffy, both partners representing FCI; supported by Karen Roa, Julio Morfin, Daniel López Rodríguez and Adolfo Portillo, all key players in the development of standardizing business processes on this path to franchising. 

The Business woman who was selected, Ana, she argues: «I have high expectations for the project, I am happy to try this with my business and at the same time grateful for the opportunity, due professionalism is evident in the advisors». 

Despite the events that occurred the previous year in the northern part of the country, these entrepreneurs have demonstrated the resilience that characterizes the average Latino and that is why foreign investors trust their businesses a lot. 

The project is being supported by the Franchise Development Center, CEDEFRAN, and CHEVALIER, as partners of Front Consulting International – FCI, the most important network of Franchise consultants in Latin America with representation in 24 other countries. All of them come to provide innovation, creative solutions and symbiotic connections to generate wealth based on the experience that has given them years of work in the franchise business. 

The food business owner, Gina, was pleased to be able in contributing at something to the country; at the same time that she expresses herself «other entrepreneurs are being motivated by me to work for moving the country forward with effort and well-done things».  / R5. 

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