Although she lives in Germany she will build a Hospital in Comayagua

Almost eight years have passed since Jenny Gaekel Escoto emigrated from Comayagua to Germany.

During those years, she remembers working in the marketing area of the renowned company Infarma; with the responsibility of promoting different brands. Little did she imagine that her life would take an 180 degree turn in Hamburg, where she currently lives. Look at some things she said to #Ruta5hn. 

R5: What prompted you to leave Honduras eight years ago?

JG: New opportunities with the goal of connecting them back to Honduras. I always focus my work and my life with the idea of bringing something back to my country. 

R5: What do you currently do for a living?

JG: I am working in Human Resources at the company Wunder Movility, which develops Softwares. We hire people from all over the world and I’m in charge of relocating them in Hamburg or Dortmund, among other activities. 

R5: How did the idea of building a hospital arise? 

JG:Many people live in the rural area of Comayagua, it would be a personal achievement to serve at least 5% of them. 

R5: Elaborate a little more about this wonderful project

JG: The first phase is a clinical center that will be delegated to 5 doctors who will give free medical care to 1,200 families. The second phase is a three-story hospital for general consultation. The ultimate goal is to bring medical bridges and give access to all specialties to patients. 

R5:When will the construction start? 

JG: Everything is ready to begin after quarantine. The Wunder Movility company is very supportive in helping me achieve these social activities and projects. 

R5: Are they part of your foreign achievements?

JG: Yes; I have also traveled to many countries around the world. In addition, I recently had the opportunity to receive a donation of cell phones and computers for university students in Honduras who do not have the resources to buy one; affecting the culmination of their degree. 

R5: Regarding the global pandemic we are experiencing, how do you think the world will change after this event?

JG: People will be aware that the world has more individuals in need than privileged.  It is useless to be in a position of power or have a lot of money when at the end of the day everyone is human – we’re all susceptible to pain. 

What is your biggest fear and aspiration right now?

JG: My biggest fear is not being able to make a significant change in my country. My greatest aspiration: to be a  good example which will inspire people to copy or make their own deeds. We can all make a change in our home (the world) and our country.  

Who is Jenny Gaekel: she was born in Comayagua, Honduras. She has a major in Business Administration from the José Cecilio del Valle University and a Master in Industrial Business Administration from the University of Miami, AIU.

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